Types of brush:

We stock a wide range of brushes to cater to a variety of budgets and tastes. They are handmade in the UK especially for us by the very best people in the business.

1. Man made fibres:
For men that don’t want to use animal hair on their face for allergy reasons.

2. Bristle brush:
Typically Boar hair. Affordable brushes that offer an introduction to shaving with a brush. Gives a stiffer feel to the brush.

3. Blends:
Some brush manufacturers offer blends of boar and badger.

4. Badger hair:
All our badger brushes are hand made by the leading shaving brush manufacture. Sourced in the Isle of Man we have the very best available in the industry.

There are three grades of badger hair.

i) Pure Badger:
High quality badger hair. Hair is dark and silver in appearance. Firmer to the touch than other grades of badger hair. Favoured by those looking for an exfoliating dimension to their shave.

ii) Super Badger:
Very high quality badger hair. Used by the discerning shaver for the softness on skin and water retention qualities. Because they are hand made and hand shaped the hairs are not trimmed which enhances both the shave and the life of the brush.

iii) Silver Tip Badger:
The finest badger hair available. Limited availability as it comes only from the neck of the animal. The Silver Tip is the pinnacle of shaving brushes and gives a uniquely soft shave.