Read all about what a few of the Knights School of Barbering alumni are up to since they’ve completed the course!

FB_IMG_1442243955040Before Boudewijn started Knights School of Barbering’s Introduction to Barbering course in April of 2014, he had been a Barista for 10 years. He recalls, “Once I had mastered the skill to make a perfect espresso or cappuccino, it quickly lost its shine to me. Fortunately, I was able to get a job as a barista at Cut Throat Barber and Coffee in Amsterdam. My mentor James taught me the art of shaving and we then decided it was wise for me to go to barberschool, to get a solid base to continue my apprenticeship”.
He has since returned to Amsterdam where he now works full time as a barber as well as training barbering students in the Netherlands and Italy, and working as a special guest in several shops all over Europe. He plans to open up his own shop in 2017!
When asked about his experience taking the course, Boudewijn says, “As a Dutchman, taking the course has been one of the best decisions and investments I have made in life. To live abroad and immerse yourself into a different culture is enriching to anyone”. He adds, “During the course I was trained by the best teacher I could have wished for and I am grateful to him for teaching me. My life has gone into a whirlwind of opportunities ever since. Thank you, Knights School of Barbering, for everything”.
Best of luck, Boudewijn!

20160504_135712Dave was a Bank Manager and worked in the Financial Service Sector for 27 years before deciding to train as a barber in 2014. “I knew of Knights of the Green and had been there for a Hot Towel Shave before and when looking for potential Colleges to start my training, I recognised your name immediately and well, the rest is history!!”
When asked about his experience taking the course, Dave reminiscences, “Oh yes I really enjoyed the course and found it very relaxed. Dermot was a fantastic instructor and I really valued the One to One coaching. I remember offering to the do the first cut on a real model and then I started to melt with the heat from the nerves and Dermot told me that I will be fine and he will be right here! That’s when I knew I definitely wanted to be a barber.”
Since then, Dave has kept up his skills and has opened 2 shops, his most recent being Ginners Barber Shop in Sutton Cross.
Keep on living the dream, Dave!